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What is a DSP Sine Wave UPS?

Have you ever thought that your UPS could be so smart? That's what we call the DSP Sine Wave UPS. Equipped with the advanced DSP technology, it provides pure sine wave output, no humming sound, changeover time of just 10 milliseconds (in short, your computer will not shutdown even during power failure). To top it off, it has a LCD screen which shows all the vital stats at regular intervals!

Does my Office need a DSP Sine Wave UPS?

This type of UPS consists of advanced DSP (digital signal processing) based technology which ensures the highest level of power quality for all your appliances. Indus DSP sine wave UPS provides an assured sine wave output which prevents any humming sound from your devices. This also ensured the safety of our computers, data servers, modems, etc. We have installed DSP Sine Wave UPS at various offices and commercial places in Thane, Mumbai and across India in the available ranges given below.

What is the price of a DSP Sine Wave UPS?

The cost of a DSP Sine Wave UPS depends on your power quality requirements. Indus instruments Pvt Ltd provides you with the most affordable pricing.

Get in touch with us to find out which Digital UPS range suits best for your home or office.

Why choose Indus DSP Sine Wave UPS?

Our DSP Sine Wave UPS are built with the latest technology that is currently available in the market. Indus DSP Sine Wave UPS are capable of delivering a smooth output with a superior power quality that ensures the highest standards of operation for typically any application out there.


  • Pure Sine Wave Output.
  • Changeover Time 10 Milliseconds.
  • Computer Compatibility.
  • No Humming Sound.
  • UPS and Inverter Mode.
  • Advanced DSP Technology.
  • Consistent output.
  • Consistant Output 220V.
  • Local Battery & Standard Battery mode for charging.
  • 24 Months Warranty.
  • LED Display.


  • Homes
  • Small Offices
  • Educational Institutes
  • Clinics
  • Fitness Clubs

Available Ranges

  • 700VA/12VDC
  • 900VA/12VDC
  • 1100VA/12VDC
  • 1600VA/24VDC
  • 2200VA/24VDC

Special Characteristics

  • A multitasking and Smart UPS System.

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